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"Mary's integrity, true grit, and real understanding"

As a teacher, Mary gets the most out of her students because they see her giving her most to them. I believe students instinctively recognize Mary's integrity, true grit, and real understanding of their needs and concerns Her sheer determination and her willingness to ask her students to give their all turns out remarkable performances and total commitment. If we could bottle what Mary seems to get so effortlessly out of her students, we would have every educator in the world lining up outside our door begging for the ingredients.

Ann Reinking, Tony Award Winner
New York City

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"Getting my voice whipped into shape"

Looking forward to getting my voice whipped into shape and honing my teaching methods next month with my long time teacher Mary Walkley at her Miami studio. Can't wait!

No single musical experience I've had has so revolutionized and improved my musical life and ability as when I started taking lessons with Mary in 2002. Even after all this time, every time I see her I experience major improvement.

Jim Dix
Professional Frontman and Trumpet Player

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"Inspirational mentor"

Mary, you are a wonderful, inspirational mentor to myself and so many others.

Susan Niekamp
Associate Voice Teacher

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Mary is an amazing, beautiful, fabulous singer and voice coach!

Gregory Hines
Movie Star, Broadway Star, Singer, Actor, and Tap Dancer Extrodinaire

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"Impacted my life greatly"

Dear Mary,

​I miss you! Every year when I think of people who have impacted my life greatly, I always think of you. Thank you for enlightening my mind and voice with your brilliant teaching. Much love,

Katy Decker
Opera Singer, Heavy Metal Singer, Associate Voice Teacher

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"Completely different singer"

Mary is an instrumental piece to any serious vocalist. I have been studying with her for over a year and I am a completely different singer. I have had many other vocal coaches and have had success in what my previous voice was, an untrained operatic style voice that was solely chest and head voice. I never had a mix. However, now I have a mix and I am working on 'whistle notes'.

Words can not express how freeing this method is, it unlocks what is already there and truly is Speech-level singing. She studied with Seth Riggs (look him up if you are not familiar) and he has worked with icons in contemporary/pop commercial music. Her approach is very simple, there is no sugar-coating of what it is. Practice the technique and it works. Isn't that what singing is all about? Simplicity in telling a story through song. Do not take my word for it, sign up for a lesson and experience the growth of your vocal instrument.

Alana Coleman
Singer, Actor, Model -Miami, FL -

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"Fourteen Years later"

I have you to thank for getting me back into singing after two decades of fear and shame about my voice. Fourteen years later I'm in a place I never imagined, both performing and teaching. Thank you thank you thank you!

Brian Lee
Associate Voice Teacher

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"Your Work is Incrediable"

I was hired to sing at a few night events in my town and as I was studying the many songs I have to prepare I went through your cds and recordings I have... It's amazing how your work still helps me very much and sometimes it's like you're correcting me in real life!

Your work is incredible and you've changed my way of singing. I hope everything's great. Sending your way lots of love from Italy!!

Silvia Russo
Italian Pop/R&B Singer

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"Best Vocal Coach"

​​I want to thank you for suggesting Natalie to audition it's going to be a wonderful experience. It already is. God bless you.She has the best vocal coach

Mary Carmen Laing
Students Mother, Miami

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"Would not be the singer I am"

I honestly would not be the singer I am today without Mary's teachings. I have sustained a 20 year career singing without strain or vocal injuries, and people constantly ask me how I have the range and hit the notes that I hit so effortlessly. It is truly because of Mary's techniques and understanding of the human voice. it has been an invaluable asset to my career and LIFE...

Yvette Rovira
Lead Singer, Vocal Arranger, Associate Teacher NYC

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Hello, Mary! I am doing the exercises right now and.. it's crazy! I can hear such a difference even from the Friday recording. Wow!

Anna Vasilyina
Romanian Pop Singer

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"You're Simply the best"

Mary Walkley is the epitome of professionalism, knowledge, and quite simply, class. My daughter, Alondra, started working with Mrs. Walkley when she was just 13, some two years ago, and Alondra’s improvement has been astronomical, all thanks to Mrs., Walkley’s tutelage and mentoring. Beyond her amazing teaching abilities and technique, Mrs. Walkley brings something even more important to the table: keeping her students grounded and humble. If you’re fortunate enough to have Mrs. Walkley work with your or your child, Mrs. Walkley is selective about her students, jump at the opportunity. As far as our family is concerned, we feel blessed that God put Mrs. Walkley in our daughter’s way, and are eternally grateful for all the hard work, devotion, and even love that Mrs. Walkley has bestowed on our daughter. Mrs. Walkley, like the song says, "You’re simply the best, better than all the rest!"

Art Rios, Attorney at Law
St. Petersburg, Florida

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I love this! You're adorable, Uber-professional, smooth, kind, calm, balanced and so much more, Mary! You basically possess every trait I want to see more of in myself. Thanks for being such a huge part of my life and growth!

Laura Lobo
Associate Voice Teacher

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"Best Music School"

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"You're my muse"

Mrs. Walkley changed my life! When I started working with her almost two years ago, I was a little scared, because she’s so famous and so intense. I knew that my first session with her was really going to be like an audition, because I had heard she picks her students carefully. When that session ended, I knew that I had met the teacher I would be with the rest of my life. Since then, I have learned more about my voice and about musical theatre than I ever dreamed of, and I have done things that I wasn’t sure back then were possible. But now, thanks to having Mrs. Walkley, I know that there is nothing I can’t do if I am disciplined and if I follow Mrs. Walkley’s teaching and advice. I love Mrs. Walkley, she’s one of the most important person’s in my life, and I know that my dreams can come true, just because I have her on my side and because I know she will always be honest with me, will protect me, and will guide me in the right direction. Thank you Mrs. Walkley, you’re my Muse.

Alondra Rios
Musical Theatre Student, Northwestern University - Tampa, FL

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"Encourages her students to dream big"

My daughter, Elizabeth Harvath, has been of student of Mary Walkley for 7 years In that time, Mary has taught my daughter singing on the level of speech technique, with power, sensitivity and great attention to detail. Mary has taught my daughter how integral hard work is for success. Together they strive to achieve goals in technique on which the singer builds his or her voice. Through this course of work, Elizabeth has greatly extended her range (high and low), learned breathing technique, learned how to handle her larynx, learned to connect bridges, and learned professionalism and the value of studio time. Mary teaches the whole performer while also expecting constant effort and improvement. Mary encourages her students to dream big ... Really Big....while working with the student every step of the way for each audition, show or recording. She encourages students to network with each other, take risks, study hard and to enjoy the music. Thanks to Mary's help, Elizabeth has worked professionally at the Winter Park Playhouse, Fl, and the Orlando Rep. Elizabeth has also been featured as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz at Rogers Little Theatre. Without Mary's expertise, care, and encouragement, my daughter would not be where she is today. Elizabeth is currently a senior at LaGuardia Arts (Fame) HS in NYC. My daughter has a bright future ahead of her as a professional artist thanks to the beautiful woman who powerfully and carefully teaches so well, Mary Walkley.

Meredith Harvath
Student’s mother, NYC - New York City

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"Confident that with my training"

The time is NOW to SING! Mary is the best kept secret in Miami! As a tenor, I have had trouble improving strength in my passagio...but after one lesson (and practicing the vocal technique) I saw huge progress in the direction I was hoping for. Not only did I hear the improvement, but other fellow singers also heard my new found strength. People have been extremely curious as to what I am doing differently because it's literally a NEW voice. I am so glad that I finally made the decision to come sing with Mary. Helping me prep my score before I went into rehearsals, Mary made me look like an all-star when I arrive "prepared."

This is a new chapter in my singing career! With upcoming auditions scheduled, I feel confident that with my training, only good times are ahead. I am so grateful to study with a teacher that can instantly figure out what you need to improve and literally prescribe you the vocal exercises to strengthen your weaknesses. The icing on the cake is that her musicality is spot on. Every nuance she proposes in our lessons are brilliant. Because Mary shares her "top of the industry" work habits, she has brought me to a more professional level in a very short amount of time. With lots of self-practice ahead, Mary continues to fine tune my voice creating a recipe for vocal success. Thank you again Mary for teaching me and bringing a newfound love for singing !

Andie Levie, Weston
Musical Theatre Singer, Miami, Florida

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"Empathic artist"

I've met Mary three times in my life. Each time I've met her with a voice I couldn't understand and needed immediate help to avoid surgery. The first time was at 15 at BTP and my voice was young and vibrant. Being the Jedi of voices that she is, she began to drop dimes of knowledge to me about proper voice technique that I would take with me on into my 1st Broadway show. The most poignant time I met Mary was at the conclusion of my 1st off broadway show that was heading to broadway. It would be my first lead in Broadway show and there I was with a raspy and scratchy misused voice that was fading fast. Again, using the immense amount of tools and enlightened findings of the voice, I began to not only find my voice again but I began to book feature roles and leads.

You'd think one couldn't meet the same person several times in life and hear new information on the same subject every time. But that's the thing with Mary! She's beyond simply supplying someone with incredible vocal technique. She is like a mother caring for her newborn. She is a scholar delivering an inspirational keynote speech in only an hours time. She is an empathic artist and energy healer who focuses on others needs so much that in the process she heals herself then you doubly and sends you off into the world more courageous than one could ever imagine themselves being- because she reminded you you are not alone and the earth in which you stand on is there to support you. Much like your chest voice is there to give you the stability you need to find your base then freely allowing your voice to travel up and over and out. Mary is the base every artist should have to find their most natural and speech level sound of expression.

LaQuet Sharnell Pringle
Broadway Singer/Actor/Dancer: The Lion King, Lysistrata Jones, Memphis,Mrs. Doubtfire, Tour of Beautiful